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Discover the Future of Personalized Member Experiences with OneClick Financial

We are excited to announce the latest FINOPOTAMUS podcast with John San Filippo for Season 2, Episode 7, "OneClick Away from a Personalized Member Experience (MX)," featuring two industry leaders. This engaging TechSolutions4CUs session will explore how Tropical Financial Credit Union's Chief Experience Officer, Amy McGraw, and Ben Maxim, COO of Reseda Group, joined together to bring back that one-on-one connection with the innovative OneClick Financial platform.  

What You'll Learn 

During the podcast, McGraw and Maxim will share insights on: 

  • The Importance of Personalization in Digital Banking: Discover why maintaining a personal touch is crucial for member satisfaction and loyalty in the digital age. 

  • Data-Driven Personalization: Learn how OneClick Financial leverages real-time data to tailor interactions and communications to each member's unique financial situation. 

  • Implementing OneClick Financial: Gain practical tips on integrating this powerful tool into your credit union's operations to enhance the member experience. 

Why OneClick Financial? 

Maintaining a personal connection with members can be challenging in the rapidly evolving digital banking world. OneClick Financial by Reseda Group, a scalable data-driven hyper-personalization digital solution, transforms credit unions' member experience (MX). At its core, OneClick Financial is about understanding and leveraging data to deliver highly personalized interactions with credit union members. In the early days of digital banking, the personal touch that defined credit unions began to fade. Members felt they were interacting with machines rather than people who understood their unique financial needs and goals.  

OneClick Financial changes the game by utilizing a dynamic, data-driven approach. As McGraw emphasizes, "Data is a living, breathing pot of information that is always changing, so you can apply it to that member." Data means credit unions can now send the right message at the right financial life moment, creating a profoundly personalized experience that resonates with members on an individual level.  

Listen today and take the first step towards transforming your credit union's member experience with OneClick Financial.  

Transform your member experience with OneClick Financial – because every member interaction matters.  



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