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Insights Unveiled: Conversations from America’s Credit Unions Governmental Affairs Conference

Updated: Apr 2

We found a hub of incredible minds, perspectives, and stories at the heart of the America’s Credit Unions Governmental Affairs Conference. Our team had the privilege of connecting with a myriad of individuals — attendees, vendors, and even some of the dedicated employees from Reseda Group. In the coming weeks, we invite you to join us on this journey as we unveil podcasts of these insightful conversations. From industry trends to personal anecdotes, these recordings offer a glimpse into the vibrant world we explored together.

Check back regularly, as we’ll be updating this page with new recordings throughout the month!

Joe Gracia, Founder and CEO of Nickels
Rhian Horgan, Founder and CEO of Silvur
Alex Staron, CEO of BenefisCU and COO of Triscend



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