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Manifesting the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Detroit at Reseda Summit 2024

Reseda Group is excited to return to Detroit this fall for Reseda Summit at the Shinola Hotel. 


An iconic American city known for its resilience and creativity, Detroit is the ideal spot to host an exciting event that embodies these qualities. As we look ahead to gathering in this vibrant city Sept. 18-19, it’s worth reflecting on why Detroit — and specifically the Shinola Hotel — serve as perfect symbols for our shared values of ingenuity and determination. 


The Shinola Hotel stands as a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit that defines Detroit. Like many of us in the financial services, credit union and fintech industries, Shinola created its own brand and redefined its sector through creative and innovative approaches to problem-solving. This hotel is not just a place to stay and host an event; it’s a beacon of hope and a showcase of what can be achieved with dedication and a forward-thinking mindset. 


Detroit itself is a city that has faced its share of challenges but has never lost its spirit. The city’s history is a story of optimism and perseverance, which is expressed in the city’s official motto: “Speramus meliora; resurget cineribus.” The Latin phrases translate to “We hope for better things; it shall rise from the ashes” and were established after the Great Fire of 1805. This ethos of purpose resonates deeply with Reseda Group. Just as Detroit has reinvented itself time and time again, we also are constantly evolving, adapting, and innovating for a better financial future. 


The Shinola Hotel, located in the heart of the city’s Woodward shopping district, with its unique blend of modern design and historic charm, symbolizes the Detroit spirit and embodies the Shinola luxury design brand’s commitment to making lasting products. This also mirrors our approach to collaboration and investing. At Reseda Group, we seek out opportunities that blend tradition with innovation, creating lasting value for financial institutions and their customers. Just as the Shinola brand has revitalized the art of watchmaking in Detroit, Reseda Group is on a mission to redefine how people interact with personal finance and the way their credit union or bank engages with them. 


As we look forward to gathering this fall at the thoughtfully curated Shinola Hotel for Reseda Summit 2024, let us be inspired by the spirit of Detroit and the example set by Shinola. Let us embrace the challenges ahead with the same determination and creativity that have defined both the city and the brand. Together, we can continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and create a better financial future for all. 


Registration is now open for Reseda Summit 2024. Space is limited, and a block of rooms are being held at the Shinola Hotel and the nearby Siren Hotel. Secure your seat and room today at 



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