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Reseda Summit Ignites Dynamic Collaboration Between Credit Unions & FinTechs

Reseda Group wrapped up its first Reseda Summit in early October in downtown Detroit following two enlightening and engaging days of learning, innovation and collaboration between credit union leaders and Reseda Group portfolio companies and FinTech partners.

The inaugural event, hosted by the award-winning CUSO (credit union service organization) powered by MSU Federal Credit Union, brought together a select group of CU executives and industry experts to network and witness live demos from more than 20 Reseda Group investment and FinTech partners. In addition to being immersed in the emerging financial technologies revolutionizing the credit union movement and member experience, Reseda Summit attendees also gained insights from panel discussions featuring Reseda Group and MSUFCU leadership and special keynotes from Nicole Harper, Director of Strategy at Jack Henry; and Allison Netzer, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer at Nymbus.

“It was amazing to feel so much energy in the room as credit unions, FinTechs, and industry partners came together to learn and innovate,” said Ben Maxim, Reseda Group Chief Operating Officer. “At Reseda Group, collaboration is an essential part of our mission to build a strong and vibrant credit union industry, and we are grateful to all our colleagues and partners for joining us at Reseda Summit and embarking with us on our journey to build better for members together.”

Below are the three key takeaways from Reseda Summit:

Unmatched Synergy

Like-minded and mission-driven, credit unions and FinTechs are a powerhouse duo in propelling the CU movement into the future to meet the yet-to-be-thought-of financial needs of the next generation of members and beyond.

You Can’t Spell ‘Resource’ Without ‘CUSO’

As Harper shared in her keynote presentation, CUs might need a helping hand in identifying potential fintech partners, which is why industry groups like Reseda Group are invaluable in finding a vetted selection of FinTechs.

Get Loud

Credit unions need to energize the public, their members and digital-first consumers with the potent message of the CU movement — People Helping People. It's time to spotlight our groundbreaking tech innovations and champion stories of how our impact the communities we serve.

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